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Elenco delle recensioni divise per lettera iniziale del gruppo:



Elenco delle recensioni, ordinate alfabeticamente (per gruppo):

1 Shot 1 Kill - A Occhi Chiusi
2 Novembre - Bellorio
36 Crazyfists - The Tide and its Takers
33 Ore - Quando Vieni
4 Fiori per Zoe - Tredici cose che dovrei dirti
400Colpi - Homo homini lupus
AA.VV. - Afterhours presentano "Il paese è reale"
AaVv - Bruno Lauzi & il club Tenco
AA.VV. - Do hit yo sell volume 1
AA.VV. - Escape from 21st century
AAVV. - Escape from the Ghetto vol2
AA.VV. - Esplosione Rock Compilation
AA.VV. - Fiorello e Baldini visti da dietro
AA.VV. - Fuzztones - Illegitimate Spawn
AA.VV. - God Save the Clown (Staypunk Compilation)
AA.VV. - Headbangers Ball: The Revenge
AA.VV. - IndieBox compilation vol.1
AA.VV. - IndieBox compilation vol.2
AA.VV. - Indiebox Compilation vol.3
AA.VV. - Yes We Punk. Indiebox Compilation vol. 4
AA.VV. - MTV2 Headbangers ball volume 2
AA.VV. - Nella Mischia Volume 1
AA. VV. - Punk 77-07 (The italian tribute to 30 years of r'n'r swindle)
AA.VV. - Punk Remake vol.1
AA.VV. - The Beatles Tribute
AA.VV. - Resident Evil: Apocalypse Soundtrack
AA.VV. - Six strings revolution vol.1
AA. VV. - Songs For Another Place
AA. VV. - Take action volume 8
AA.VV. - Terra in vista - navigando verso l'altrove
AA.VV. - Virus Alternativi
AA.VV. - Viva Radio 2 2006
AA.VV. - Warped Tour 2007 Compilation
AA.VV. - Wild Wild Rock
Accused - Oh Marta
Acid Brains - Far Away
Acid Brains - New Shit In My Mind
Acid Brains - The end of the show
Adams Ryan - Love is Hell (pt.1 & 2)
Addicted - Lies love and laughter
Adelema88 - Adelema88
Adema - Kill the Headlights
Adharma - Risvegli
Aerosmith - Honkin' on Bobo
Afterhours - Ballads for little hyenas
Afterhours - Ballate per piccole iene
Agabus - Last Way Left
Agony Scene - The darkest red
Aida Satta Flores - Aida Satta Flores
Aim - Limit Of Sight
Air - Pocket symphony
Air - Talkie Walkie
Airesis - Spettri
Airportman - Rainy Days
Alberto Styloo - Infective
Alex Sniper - Stackness
Alfa Nefer - Maschere e deserti
All but one - I know you would turn back the clock...
Allen/Lande - The Battle
Allen & Lande - The Revenge
Almiras - s/t
Alternative Religion - 1979-2009
Ambition - Ambition
Amos Tori - The Beekeeper
Amplifier - The astronaut dismantles HAL
Anarbor - Free your mind
Andead - Hell’s Kitchen
Andersen Laine Readman - III
Anderson Brett - Live at Union Chapel London 2007
Anomia - Closing up the basement
Anonimo FTP - Lo sguardo al cielo
Anonimo FTP - My Dreams
Antefatti - Agisci
Anti-flag - The people or the gun
Antillectual - Pull the plug
Antillectual - Testimony
Antoni Roberto "Freak" & Alessandra Mostacci - Ironikontemporaneo
Antoni Roberto "Freak" & Alessandra Mostacci - Ironikontemporaneo Due
A Perfect Circle - eMotive
Aquefrigide - Un Caso Isolato
Arcadia - Cold cold bodies
Arcadia - Fracture Concrete
Argetti - Flags of karma
Arnoux - Cascades
Art Disorder - Anoplogaster Cornuta
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Ash - Meltdown
Ashcroft Richard - Keys to the world
Ashtones - Hellfire and... Paradise Falls
Askers - Sopra la media
Astral Doors - Astralism
Astral Doors - New Revelation
Atlas Losing Grip - Shut the world out
A Toys Orchestra - Cuckoo Booho
A Toys Orchestra - Technicolor Dreams
Audioslave - Out of exile
Auf Der Maur Melissa - Auf Der Maur
B:Blast - B:Blast
B. Fleischmann - Angst is not a weltanschauung!
B.impatient - Intensity
Babylonia - Later Tonight
Back Chats - Protect me from what I want
Back One Out - Helpless
Backyard Babies - People like, people like, people like us
Bad Brains - Rock for the light
Badly Drawn Boy - One plus one is one
Badmash - Badmash
Bad News - Requiem for a typewriter
Bad Religion - The empire strikes first
Banhart Devendra - Cripple Crow
Bardowell Philip - In the Cut
Basic Dreams - Secrets and lies
Basile Cesare - 14.06.2006
Basile Cesare - Fratello Gentile
Basile Cesare - Hellequin Song
Bassi Sergio & Padus River Band - Cavallo Pazzo
Batteri Acrobatici - Welcome To The Monkey Business
Battiato Franco - Dieci Stratagemmi
Battiato Franco - Il vuoto
Battista Lele - Le Ombre
Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs
Beck - Guero
Beck - The Information
Beck Robin - Do You Miss Me
Becks Street Boys - Pop's not dead
Bedouin Soundclash - Street Gospels
Bedtime for Charlie - Winning is for losers
Bed Toys - Bottlenaked
Beerbong - Beerbong
BeerBong - Murder Party
Belintesta - Fino in fondo...
Belle And Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
Bellini Gabriele - Primo acustico Shock Elettrico
Beltrame - Beltrame
Benson Brendan - The alternative to love
Betzefer - Down Low
Bianca Story - Hi Society!
Bianconiglio - Lo scatolino sporco
Bible of the devil - Tight Empire
Big D & The Kids Table - Stricly Rude
Big Member - Big Member
Biogora - Sheep?
Bioscrape - Alien Hate
Bisca Zulù - I tre terroni
Bjork - Drawing Restraint 9
Bjork - Medulla
Bjork - Volta
Black Eyed Susan - And silence will reign soon
Black Heart Procession - The Spell
Black Label Society - Shot to hell
Black Roses - Unleashed Dogs
Black Stone Cherry - "s/t"
Blake - Get old or die trying
Blake - Long live pessimism!
Blessed Child Opera - Happy Ark
Blessed Child Opera - Looking after the child
Blink 182 - Blink 182
Blinking Lights - Psycho
Blood on the wall - Awesomer
Bloody Honey - Bloody Honey
Blow - Paper Television
Bludinvidia - Non è abbastanza ancora
Blue Cantina - The Laguna Sessions
Blue Seeds - The Blue Seeds
Bobby Soul & Les Gastones -73% Phunk
Boda - Chupacabras
Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
Boozed - One mile
Boris - Pink
Borsato Sergio - Occhi di Lupo
Brahman - A forlorn hope
Brain Eaters - Monsters, Sex and Rock'n'roll
Brazen Abbot - My Resurrection
Bredford - Fall for everything
Briggs - Come all you madmen
Brilli - Gas Mafia Panico e Sogni
Brilli - La vera storia di M.A.
Brilli - Volare sopra il cielo
Brizzi Enrico & Frida X - Nessuno lo saprà
Broken Spindles - Inside/absent
Bronx - The Bronx
Brooks - Red Tape
Brother James - Days
Bruni Carla - No promises
Brychan - Reel in between
Bubblegun - 100% Martian Milk EP
Bublè Michael - It's Time
Bublè Michael - Michael Bublè
Buckner Richard & Langford Jon- Sir Dark Invader vs. The Fanglord
Buen Retiro - Escargot
Bugo - Golia & Melchiorre
Bugz - Oblivion
Bush Stan - In this Life
Caliban - The Awakening
Caliban - The Undying Darkness
Callahan Bill - Woke on a whaleheart
Camera66 - In sospeso
Cammariere Sergio - Sul Sentiero
Campbell Isobel & Lanegan Mark - Ballad Of The Broken Seas
Cancrena - Fears
Caparezza - Verità Supposte
Cape Joey - Bridge
Caravane De Ville - Casbah
Carena Marco - Discountautore live
Carryall - Emotivhate
Casa del vento - Il grande niente
Casualties - We are all we have
Catfish Haven - Tell Me
Catherine - La casa del ragno
Catley Bob - Spirit of Man
Cattaneo Paolo - Adorami e perdonami
Cattive Abitudini - Cosa sei disposto a perdere?
Cattive Abitudini - Il meglio del peggio
Catwalk - Thin Rebellion
Cave Nick & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus
Celi Roberto - Clouds by fire
Chaoswave - The white noise within
Cheap Trick - Rockford
Cheap Wine - Crime Stories
Cheese Richard - The Sunny Side Of The Moon
Chemical Brothers - Push the button
Cheope - Downloadideas
Cherry Lips - Cherry Lips
Chewingum - La seconda cosa da andare
Chicks On Speed and The No Heads - Press the space bar
Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?
Chillihounds - The Album
Chimaira - Chimaira
!!! (chk chk chk) - Louden Up Now
!!! (chk chk chk) - Myth Takes
Ciaudà - Unnè
Circles End - Hang on to that Kite
Circus Maximus - Isolate
Cisco - La lunga notte
Clawfinger - Hate Yourself With Style
Clock - Clock
Cocorosie - Noah's Ark
Cocorosie - The adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn
Coda di lupo - Il primo passo
Codeine - The White Birch
Codex - s/t
Coffee Orchestral - Chocolate suitcase
Coffee Orchestral - Tobacco Symphony
Cohen Leonard - Dear Heather
Coldplay - X&Y
Colore Perfetto - Il debutto
Concept Project - Concept Project
Concido - Concido
Convergence - Points of view
Cora - L'aria che respiro soffoca
Corgan Billy - The Future Embrace
Corvine - Corvine
Cosmica - s/t
Cowboy Prostitutes - Swingin' at the fences
Coxon Graham - Happiness in magazines
Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine
Cradle of Filth - Thornography
Cranimo - Cranimo
Crazy Lixx - Loud Minority
Crehated - Anthems of hate
Crisedelia - s/t
Cristicchi Simone - Fabbricante di canzoni
Criteria - When we break
Crooked Fingers - Dignity & Shame
Crow Jail Alley - Truth Sin And Believe
Crow Rob - Living Well
Cryonic Temple - Immortal
Crysalys - White Lotus on Acheron Shores
Cure - The Cure
Cursive - The Difference between houses and homes
Cut Of Mica - Finally it's Friday
Daath - The Hinderers
Daft Punk - Human After All
Damien* - Let us pretend we are kings
D’Andrea Alessia - Alessia D’Andrea
Dandy Warhols - Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars
Dandy Warhols - Thirteen tales from urban bohemia
Daniele Faraotti Band - Ciò che non sei più
Danko Jones - B-sides
Danny Diablo - The Street cd vol.1
Daphne - s/t
Daphne Cronica - Distributore di colpe
Daphne Cronica - Superficie F
Dante Fox - Under the Seven Skies
Daria - Tubes Ace Warming Up
Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back
Darkness - Permission To Land
Datakill - Fino all'ultimo respiro
Day After Rules - Time's destroying memories
Daylight - Vague Pictures of amazing moments
DDR - Alza la voce!!!
DDR - Diritto di rivolta
Deadburger - C'è ancora vita su marte
Dead Child - Attack
Deadwalk! - Like raging wolves
Deasonika - Deasonika
Deasonika -Tredicipose
Death of Anna Karina - New Liberalistic Pleasure
De Cesare Martino - In a sentimental sud
Decoy - Call of the Wild
De Crew - Dynamics of human behavior
Dedratz - Ain't no stars tonight
Deep Purple - Rapture Of The Deep
Deep Throat - Mosh to the masses
Deep Throat - Thrashing People, music and toughts
Deep Throat Vs Carlos Dunga - Ep
Dee Jaywalker - 59 O Clock
Dente - Non c'è due senza te
Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel
Depeche Mode - Remixes 81-04
Desert Clouds - Dharma Bums
dEUS - Pocket Revolution
Devastator - Underground’n’roll
Devasted - Fight
Deviant Cult - s/t
DevilDriver - The Fury of our maker's hands
Deviltones - Riding the high horse
Devocka - Non sento quasi più
Devocka - Perché Sorridere?
Diamond Nights - Popsicle
Dianira - Un altro sole
Die Resonanz Stranonczi - s/t
Dilaila - Imparate a comunicare
Dilaila - Musica per Robot
Di Marco Ginevra - Donna Ginevra
Dinamo Folk Rock Band - Profili Profani
Dinosaur Jr. - Where you been
Dioniso - Dalla Mia Camera
Disease - 5th Wave, Endless
Disfunzione - Il ragazzo di Berlino
Disfunzione - Storie, inverni, secoli
Disowned - Emotionally Involved
Distillers - Coral Fang
DM Stith - Curtain Speech
DNA2 - Anima di pelle
Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Please Describe Yourself
Dog Day - Night group
Donà Cristina - Cristina Donà (English Version)
Donà Cristina - Triathlon
Doppio Malto - Alfasud
Dottori Giuliano - Lucida
Dragster Baby! - 4Play
Drammagothica - Ira
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dresden Dolls - Dresden Dolls
Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia
Drive-by Argument - Drive-by Argument
Droning Maud - The world of make believe
Dufresne - Atlantic
Duracel - Domani è come oggi
Duran Duran - Astronaut
Dylan Bob - Modern Times
E42 - Libera
E.Drunks - Con tutto l'amore del mondo
Eagles of Death Metal - Death by sexy
Eagles of Death Metal - Peace, Love and Death Metal
Early Day Miners - Offshore
Earth - special low frequency version
Edenshade - The Lesson Betrayed
Ekoes of sound - Elsewhere
Ektomorf - Outcast
El Caco - The search
El-ghor - Dada Danzè
Elle - BStrong
El Topo - Pigiama Psicoattivo
Embrace - Out of nothing
Eminem - Encore
Emmablu - Emmablu
End Of A Season / Many Men Have Tried - 7 songs split album
Enema - Evolution
Enemy Alliance / The Indecision Alarm - The new wind and the second wave
Enjoint - Do you wanna dance?
Enon - Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds
Enon - Lost marbles and exploded evidence
En Roco - Occhi Chiusi
Entourage - Enter in our age
Ephen Rian - The special referendum
Eramale - RML
Esdem - You can't talk about indie-rock
Espit - Sotto le ceneri di una stanza rossa
Eugenie - Qui ed ora!
Eva's Milk - Cassandra e il sole che oscura
Evanescence - Fallen
Evanescence - The Open Door
Eveline - Happy Birthday Eveline!
Everasia - s/t
Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon
Evil Masquerade - Theatrical Madness
Evils - Liberty
Extra Golden - Ok-Oyot System
Extrema - Set the world on fire
Fair Warning - Brother's Keeper
Faithless - No Roots
Fake Problems - It's great to be alive
Farina Geoff , Luther Gray, Dan Littleton - New Salt
Fatal Smile - World Domination
Favo Sergio - (relativamente) libero
Fear Factory - Transgression
Feldmann - Watering Trees
Ferretti Flavia - Fuoco Veloce
Fever - In the city of sleep
Fiamma Fumana - Onda
Fields of joy - Follow me
Fifth Season - Stronger, Perfect
Fine 99 - Fine 99
Fine Before You Came - Fine Before You Came
Fiorello e Baldini - Viva Radio 2
Fires of Babylon - s/t
Fish Of April - Violet Pharmacy
Fiub - Brown Stripes ep
Fiub - Ciubirismeicheuan
Foddis Guido - Italia GangBang
Foo Fighters - In your honor
Foo Fighters - One By One
Forever Never - Aporia
Forty Deuce - Nothing To Lose
Forty Moostachy - Three Rooms, Some Songs, The Show And Suitcase Full Of Bones
Forty Winks - Forty Winks
Forty Winks - Sweet Sweet Frenzy
Francesco-C - Ulteriormente
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better ... With Franz Ferdinand
Frederiksen Lars and The Bastards - Viking
FreshFabrik - Finest
Frontiera - Sulle impronte dei giganti
Frusciante John - Shadows collide with people
Frusciante John - The will to death
Futureheads - Futureheads
Fuzztones - Horny as hell
Gaby and the batmacumba - Anatomia per artisti
Gaia Corporation - Equilibrium
Gallon Drunk - The rotten mile
Gang - Dalla polvere al cielo
Garbage - Bleed like me
Garretti - Prima che si spenga la luce
Gazzè Max - Un giorno
Gea - Bailamme generale
Gea - From Gea with love
Genius - EP. 3: The Final Surprise
George Inara - All Rise
Gerson - Il miracolo
Gerson - Rimparare a strisciare
Get Up Kids - Guilt Show
GF93 - Bloody Bastard Remixes
Ghost of a Thousand - This is where the fight begins
Giaccone Stefano - Come un fiore
Giardini Di Mirò - Dividing opinions
Giardini Di Miro' - North Atlantic Treaty Of Love
Gilmour David - On An Island
Giuntini Project - III
Glam - Quello che manca
Goldfrapp - Supernature
Gonzales - Check Mate
Good 4 Nothing - Kiss the world
Goodmorningboy - Hamletmachine
Gopher Alex - s/t
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Gosh - Pineland
Gossip - Standing in the way of control
Grassiellenti - Vedere Guardare
Green - Of love and soul
Great White - Back To The Rythm
Greeley Estates - Go west young man, let the evil go east
Green Day - American Idiot
Green Day - Bullet In A Bible: Live
Grimoon - Les 7 vies du chat
Grinderman - Grinderman
Gringoise - Only à Paris
Growing / Mark Evan Burden - s/t
Guerrilla Farming - Naturale
Half.past.Moho - s/t
Halfwayhome - Let's start this over
Hard Diskaunt - La buena y la mala onda
Harem Scarem - Overload
Harper Ben with The Blind Boys of Alabama - There will be a light
Harry Fotter - Ho sempre odiato la beat generation
Hartmann - out in the cold
Hatebreed - Supremacy
Hatherley Charlotte - The deep blue
Hattori Hanzo - Occhi Rossi
Hazy Malaze - Blackout Love
H Block 101 - Human Flotsam - the eps '96-'01
Heartbreak Engines - Love murder blues
Heavy Heavy Low Low - Turtle nipple and the toxic shock
Heller - Rock Woman
Hell'n'Diesel - Passion for power
Here to stay - Circular
Hermano - Live at W2
Herself - God is a major
Hic Niger Est - Primo Parallelo
Higgins - Who the fuck are you?!
Higgins Gary - Red Hash
High Five Drive - Fullblast
Highschool Dropouts - Rivalry
Highschool Lockers - Never Ending Party
Hille Veda - Return of the kildeer
Him - And love said no
Him - Dark Light
His Electro Blue Voice - Fog b/w Das
Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives
Hogwash - Half untruths
Holiday with maggie - Skyline drive
Holiday with maggie - Welcome to hope
Holmes David - Bow down to the exit sign
Holy Sons - Decline of the West
Hopesfall - A Types
Horizons - Cerchi
Hormonauts - Hormonized
Horrorpops - Hell Yeah
House Of Lords - World Upside Down
Hueco - Living in a bathroom - pensando all'amore
Hughes Gary - Veritas
Human Tanga - A ritual sacrifice for the big nothing
Hyaena - Progressivamente
Hyride - Percezioni
Hyvonen Frida - Until death comes
I-Def-I - Bloodlust Casualty
If I Die Today - If I Die Today
Ikara Colt - Modern Apprentice
Il generale inverno - Mohole
Il Genio - Il Genio
Ilid - The Shadow Over Arkham
Iliketrains - Progress-Reform
Ill Disposed - 1-800 Vindication
Ill Disposed - Burn me wicked
Ill Nino - One Nation Underground
I love you but I've chosen darkness - Fear is on our side
Il pan del diavolo - Il pan del diavolo EP
Il paziente zero - Link
Imodium - …and so: dodgem songs!
Imodium - Drive
Imodium - Imodium
Imodium - Nowhere Ep
3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish
3 Inches of Blood - Fire up the Blades
Incastigo - Le regole del gioco
Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Promo 2003
Incrave - Dead End
Incubus - A Crow Left of the Murder
Incubus - Light Grenades
Indovena - La sfilata di Cerbero
IndieB - IndieB
Indigo - s/t
Innocent Rosie - Bad Habit Romance
Insect Kin - Endless youth and other diseases
Insolito Medio - Paura di reagire
(International) Noise Conspiracy - Armed Love
Interpol - Antics
Io - Tøff i stige
Io e i Gomma Gommas - Honkey-Donkey!
Ira - Chaotic Regression
I refuse it! - Cronache del videotopo
Iron Maiden - Death On The Road
Iron & Wine / Calexico - In the reins
Irony of faith - Warmer Colors, Warmer Sky
Isobel - Fioca?
Isobel - S/t
Isola di niente - Luce
I treni all'alba - Folk Destroyers
It's a Musical - The music makes me sick
JackGroove - Relaxin' with Jackgroove
Jaka & The Fire Band - Spiritual R-evolution
Jamiroquai - Dynamite
Jamiroquai - High Times, Singles 1992-2006
Jan Gazarra - Love Rules
Jawbone - Hauling
Jefferson Airplane - The Essential Jefferson Airplane
Jena - Il giorno che
Jeremy - Jeremy
Jersey Line - Misery Club
Jester at work - Lo-fi, Back to tape
Jet - Get Born
Jetlag - On The Air
Jimmy Eat World - Futures
Joe Leaman - Truly got fishin
John Mario - Viaggiare!
Jokifocu - Nuvole di passaggio
Journey - Generations
Joycut - Ghost Trees
Jumping Shoes - Limbo like a bubble
Karate - In the fishtank 12
Karnea - Giù da me
Karnea - La mia dannata
Katrienne - s/t
Kaufman - Interstellar College Radio
Kazamate - Una società di mostri
Keane - Hopes and fears
Keenants - Let's start from the beginning
Keep:Out - See it through
Keep the Faith - Not a wall but a bridge
Kech - Join the cousins
Kerosene - s/t
Kessler - Un altro giorno d'amore
Khan - Who never rests
Khymera - A new promise
Kiddycar - Forget About
Kid On Moon - s/t
Kid Weird & The Combos - s/t
Killers - Hot Fuss
Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage - The end of heartache
Kill that girl - … we wanna be monkeys!!!
Kill the Romance - Take Another Life
Kill the vultures - Kill the vultures
Kilt - Tra serpi e favole
Kim Novak - Luck & Accident
Kimya Dawson - Alphabutt
Kinczly Angela - The legendary indian aquarium and the other stories
Kingdom Come - Ain't Crying For The Moon
Kings of Convenience - Riot on an empty street
Kiske Michael - Instant Clarity
Kiske Michael - Kiske
Kiss Me Deadly - Misty Medley
Klasse Kriminale - Klasse Kriminale
Klasse Kriminale - Strength & Unity
Knopfler Mark - Shangri-La
Koan - Krav maga
Kompagni di Merenda - Disfunzione
Kompagni di Merenda - s/t
Korn - Greatest Hits vol.1
Korn - See You On The Other Side
Krikka Reggae - 'Na Soluzione
Ladies - They Mean Us
Ladybug Transistor - Here comes the rain EP
Ladyhawk - Ladyhawk
La Ghenga del Fil di Ferro - Aperta la danza
Laghetto - Pocapocalisse
Lambiase Lorenzo - La cena
La Menade - Conflitti e sogni
La Menade - Male di luna
Lana - C'è il sottile dentro e sotto i ponti
Land Of The Loops/ Buckminster Fuzeboard - "Split"
Landslide Ladies - Anyway
Lanegan Mark - Bubblegum
Lanegan Mark - the winding sheet
Lane Lana - Lady Macbeth
Larsson Karl - Pale As Milk
Lazarus Blackstar - Funeral Voyeur
Leeches - Eat The Leeches
Leichtmetall - Wir Sind Blumen
Le-Li - Secrets Chimiques
Lemeleagre - Lemeleagre
Lemon Squeezers - Notte
Lena's Baedream - CryO
Lennon John - Acoustic
Lesbians On Ecstasy - Lesbians On Ecstasy
Lesbians on ecstasy - We know you know
Les Fauves - N.A.L.T. 1 A fast Introduction
Les Fauves - Our dildo can change your life (EP)
Les Georges Leningrad - Sangue Puro
Les Spritz - … To the prior
Let's get lost - …I remember yesterday when I was grey
Leverage - Tides
Levis Hostel - A Minor Quarrel
Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned
Libera Velo - Riffa
Libertines - The Libertines
Life Long Tragedy - Runaways
Ligeia - Bad News
Lighting Daze - Caught in a frame
Linea - Terra Libera
L'invasione degli omini verdi - Contro
L'invasione degli omini verdi - Mondo a parte
L'OR - Intimo Pensiero
Lip Colour Revolution - Lip Colour Revolution
Lite - Phantasia
Little Taver and his crazy alligators - Almeno l'italiano sallo!
Liveforce Trio - Living Room
Livello Zero - Hidden Stars
Livida - Livida
Living Daylights - Ways to escape
Lleroy - Juice of bimbo
Lombroso - Lombroso
Loose Fur - Born Again in the USA
Lo Porto Simone - La Valle Dell'Utopia
Lords Of Altamont - Lords Have Mercy
Lorean - Morning Freedom
Los Angeles - s/t
Los Bastardos - Effetto domino
Los Dingos - Dreams of Glory
Los Fastidios - Sopra e sotto il palco live '04
Losing Sun - Inertia
Love Courtney - America's Sweetheart
Love in elevator - Re Pulsion
Love in elevator - Sue Me
Love in Elevator - Venoma ep
Low - The great destroyer
Lubian Angelica - Conservare in luogo fresco ed asciutto
LuciFerme - Venti Occidentali
Lucky Nine - Two Crown Foundation Songs
Lullabye Arkestra - Ampgrave
Lulù Elettrica - Venti rose porpora
Lumpen - In ogni caso nessun rimorso
Luther Blissett - Narcoleptic Surfers
Luttazzi Daniele - Money for dope
Machine Head - The Blackening
Macno - A pochi passi da qui
Mad Chickens - Goodbye Butterfly
Madido Respiro - An eye on us
Madido Respiro - Come posso sognare se i miei incubi sono già realtà
Madina Lake - From them through us to you
Madonna - Confessions On A Dancefloor
Madwork - Overflow
Magazine Du Kakao - Bazum
Magda Angélica - Tejedora de Sueños
Maggiore Giorgio - Dentro ai tuoi sogni
Maggiore Giorgio - I colori che cambiano
Maggiore Giorgio - Oasi di cemento
Maggiore Giorgio - Radioanima
Magicake - Botoxxx
Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading Trails
Mainline - From oblivion to salvation
Maisie - Balera Metropolitana
Makako Jump - Lasciate la mancia al portapizze
Malagang - Malagang
Maledia - Black Heaven
Malfunk - Randagi
Malfunk - Randagi ma con un cuore enorme
Malice in Wonderland - s/t
Malkovich - King'n'bosses
Mamamicarburo - Barçelona
Mamasita - Per buona sorte
Mambassa - Mambassa
Mambassa - Stop
Mancini Davide - Madame Gerbelle
Mancino Diego - L'evidenza
Mando Diao - Bring 'Em In
Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar
Manges - Go Down
Maniacs - The Maniacs
Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood
Marchi Veronica - Veronica Marchi
Marigold - Divisional
Marigold - Erotomania
Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me
Marilyn Manson - Lest we forget (best of)
Marla Singer - Marla Singer
Marlene Kuntz - Bianco Sporco
Marlene Kuntz - S-Low
Maroon 5 - Songs about Jane
Marsh Mallows - Imperfect
Marsh Mallows - La fine del mondo
Marsh Mallows - Qualcosa Di Nessuno
Mars Volta - Frances The Mute
Marta Sui Tubi - Muscoli e dei
Marti - Unmade beds
Mary's Jail - Mary's Jail
Massimo Volume - Bologna Nov. 2008
Massive Attack - Danny the dog (Soundtrack)
Matinèe - The modern epness
Matrioska - Lo strano effetto che fa
Mau Mau - Dea
Mauro Mercatanti Band - Sano come un sushi
Mauve - Kitchen Love
Mauve - Sweet noise on the sofa
Maxeen - Maxeen
Mayday - Bushido Karaoke
May I Refuse – Weather Reports
McCartney Paul - Chaos and creation in the backyard
Meanwhile - A second to fly
Meanwhile - Choice
Meat Puppets - Up on the sun
Me for rent - No fancy style
Meg - Meg
Meg - Psychodelice
Megadeth - The System has failed
Megahertz - Estetica
Meganoidi - And then we met impero
Meganoidi - Granvanoeli
Meganoidi - Outside the loop stupendo sensation
Mekons - Natural
Melomane - Glaciers
Meldrum - Blowing up the Machine
Melody Fall - Consider us gone
Melt - L'intonarumori
Menzingers - A lesson in the abuse of information technology
Mercanti di liquore - Che cosa te ne fai di un titolo
Mercenary God - Burning Generation
Mercury Freddie - The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury
Mersenne - Stolen Dresses
Mesas - Spasmi che sanno di me
Messuria - Canzoni ottimiste per la fine del mondo
Methel & Lord - Steps of a long run
Michelangelo Buonarroti - Love Therapy
Michelangelo Mineri & Max Cosmico - La musica differenziata
Mickey Kills Sushi - Be a part of the gang
Milaus - JJJ
Millencolin - Kingwood
Milvains - Gemini
Minimod - X era
Ministri - I soldi sono finiti
Ministry - The last sucker
Minnie's - Il pane e le rose
Miss Violetta Beauregarde - Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo
Mistonocivo - Unplugged 139
Miura - Croci
Miura - In Testa
9MM - On the edge
MMMF - In The Lab
Modena City Ramblers - Appunti Partigiani
Modena City Ramblers - Dopo il lungo inverno
Mogwai - Mr Beast
Moirè - Moirè
Moksha - Esigenza
Moltheni - Io non sono come te
Momo Lamana - Two is a gang
Mondo-R - Hollywood - FX
Moog - Logiche Parallele
Moopo - The only word of my prayer
Morgan - Il suono della vanità
Morgan - Non al denaro non all'amore né al cielo
Morgan - Tra 5 min. EP
Morissette Alanis - So-Called Chaos
Morose - La vedova d'un uomo vivo
Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentos
Moth's Circle Flight - About Irrationality
Moth's Circle Flight - Solo Attimi ...
Motley Crue - Carnival of Sins - Live
Motorcity Brags - You don't deserve anything better than that
Motorcity Losers - …Our drunken 'n' fastest fairy tales
Motorjesus - Deathrider
Motus Tenebrae - Soul expression
Motus Tenebrae - Wayside
Movies with heroes - Nothing here is perfect
Mr. Bizarro & The Highway Experience - Hello Hell
Muddy Fly - Boredom
Muddy Fly - R_evolution
Mudhoney - Under a billion suns
Multiball - Endless Journey
Mumble Rumble - Tredici
Murder Fish - Murder Fish
Murmur - Barrucchi92
Murnau - L' Angelo Memore
Muse - Absolution
Muse - Black Holes And Revelations
Music (The) - Welcome to the north
Mutts - The Mutts EP
My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Shark's Teeth
My Brightest Diamond - Bring me the workhorse
My Brightest Diamond - Tear it down
My head for a goldfish - Reflective
My Own Rush - On Your Left
[n!] - The Empty Space
N.a.m.b. - N.a.m.b.
Napkidnappers - Inner Media
Nascimbeni Enrico - Male di amare
Nashville Pussy - Get Some
Nausea - Nausea
N.D.H2O - Io non posso entrare
Necromid - The sleep of the reason
Nena And The Superyeahs - Shhh! It's yeah time
Neverdream - chemical faith
Neverdream - Souls 26 April 1986
Newman Colin - A-Z
New Story - Untold Stories
New Year - S/t
New York Dolls - One day it will please us
Nexus - Ep
Nexus - Odynephobia Conversion
Nexxt - Strength of the rooted one
Nichilismo - Declino della morale
Nichilismo - Trattamento Sociale Obbligatorio
Nickelback - All the right reasons
Ninefold - Superstar
Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Nino Fugado - Giochi Intriganti
Niobe - White hats
Nirvana - With The Lights Out
No Kode - Differences
No Relax - Gridalo!
No Relax - Virus de rebelion
Northpole - Northpole
Notari Marco - Oltre lo specchio
Not Found - We're still here
Faris Nourallah - Il suo cuore di transistor
No Use for A Name - Keep them confused
Numero6 - Dovessi mai svegliarmi
Numero6 - Quando arriva la gente si sente meglio
Oasis - Don't believe the truth
Obituary - Frozen in time
Octopus - Ep 2009
Odatto Chernobyl - Odatto Chernobyl
Officinalchemike - Ho le mie buone ragioni
Oginoknaus - Nuclearcunt
O' Hora Tony - Escape Into The Sun
Okkervil River - The Stand Ins
Okkupato / Virginia Madison - Split
Olivieri Luca - La quarta dimensione
Open Hand - You and me
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Ophydian - The Perfect Symbiosi
Orange - Certosa
Orange man theory - riding a cannibal horse from here to...
Oranger - New Comes and Goes
Orbe - Opera al nero
Ossimoro - Corvi nel cielo spento
Ottodix - Le notti di Oz
Out Of Tune & The Cunningham's - 10 hits for her
Paatos - Silence of another kind
PAJO - 1968
Pambianchi Roberto - Volo Libero
Panino's - S/t
Parente Marco - Neve
Parente Marco - Neve Ridens Un Giorno + Il rumore dei libri
Parente Marco - Ridens
Parish John - Once Upon a little time
Parts & Labor - Mapmaker
Pearl Jam - Live At Benaroya Hall Oct 22nd 2003
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam - Rearview Mirror: The Best Of Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam - Riot Act
Peawees - Walking the walk
Pecksniff - Honey You're Murdering Me
Pedro Ximenex - Che fretta c'era
Peggio Emilia - La peggio gioventù
Penelope sulla luna - My little empire
Pennywise - From the ashes
People Under The Stairs - Stepfather
Pest Sound - 76 Kilos laughing
Peterik Jim - Above The Storm
Petiko - Drunken Boat
Petrol - Dal Fondo
Petrosino - Slice
Phaenomena - The Praise of Madness
Philomankind - Ask
Phono Emergency Tool - Phono Emergency Tool
Pig Maglione - Roma'n'Cess
Pig Tails - Brainwash
Pig Tails - Teenage Apocalypse
Pinback - Autumn of the seraphs
Pink Cream 69 - IN10SITY
Pink Grease - This is for real
Pipettes - We are the pipettes
Pirovano Maurizio - Il tempo stringe
PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her
Placebo - Meds
Placebo - Once More With Feeling
Plastica - Plastica
P.O.D. - Testify
Poggipollini Federico - Nella fretta dimentico
Polar for the masses - Blended
Pomata - Papaya Paloma
Ponches and Deans - It came from the cold
Popmatica - Meglio sbagliare
Popzillas - Tu e l'estate
Pretty Wild - All the way
Prez - "Le bambine fanno ahh"
Pride Of Lion - Live in Belgium
Probot - Probot
Process - Taste of Knife
Prodigy - Always Outnumbered, never outgunned
Prodotto non conforme - Il tempo delle mele
Propagandhi - Supporting Caste
Proto K Distillery - Tetrachord for water troubles
Psicosuono - Aut Aut
Puddle Of Mudd - Life On Display
Punk Hard Discount - Plastiska
Punkreas - Quello che sei
Punkronici - Tv Soprusi e Canzoni
Putrid Carnage - Weapon of MassTurbation
Q - Le proprietà elastiche del vetro
Quarantena - L'epoca dei sogni
Quartiere Coffee - in-A
Quarzomadera - Orbite
Queen - On Fire - Live at the bowl
Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
Queens of the stone age - Lullabies to paralyze
Quintorigo - Il Cannone
Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers
Radio 4 - Stealing of a nation
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Ragan Chuck - Los Feliz
Rammstein - Reise Reise
Rammstein - Rosenrot
Rammstein - Volkerball
Rapture - Echoes
Rapture - Mirror
Rapture - Pieces of the people we love
Rasmus - Dead Letters
Rasmus - Hide from the Sun
Raveonettes - Pretty In Black
Rawhypnols - Thank God we're not religious
Razorback - Deadringer
Reaching Hand - Threshold
Readman David - s/t
Rebel meets rebel - s/t
Record's - Money's on fire
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live in Hyde Park
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
Red House Blues Revue - Essential ordinary revolutions
Red House Painters - red house painters I
Redska - Le mie prigioni
R.e.m. - Around the sun
Renoir - Vega ep
Renoir - Verso Vega
Rentokill - Antichorus
Rentokill - The ose
RFC - Ama e Difendi
Rhumornero - Umorismi neri
Riaffiora - French Kiss
Rice Damien - O
Rice Damien - 9
Riddle - Riddle
RIFU - Bombs for food, mines for freedom!
Ritchie Zito Project - Avalon
Rituals - The past twelve months
Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions
Rock Hard Power Spray - Commercial Suicide
Rocksteady Beat Orchestra - Old Italian Groove
Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang
Roulette Cinese - Ibridomeccanico
Royal Hunt - Paper Blood
Royksopp - The Understanding
Rosaluna - Ritorno al solito pensiero
RTX - Western Xterminator
Ruben - Da qui non si vedono le stelle
Rudi Protrudi - Lady Killer
Saeko - Life
Safe Crash - Rinchiuso
Sahara Hotnights - What if leaving is a loving thing
Saint Deamon - In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Saint Four - The Saint Four
Sakamoto Ryuichi - Chasm
Sanctity - Road to bloodshed
Sant'Antonio Stuntmen - Into The Aorta
Santo Niente - Il fiore dell'agave
Sarti 19 - L'immagine
Satanic Surfers - Taste The Poison
Satellite Inn - In the land of the sun
Satyricon - Now, Diabolical
Scandalosi Pleasures - In limine
Scarlet Violet - Animated freaks
Scarola - The Dark Side Of The Ass
Schisano Salvatore - In treno
Schleprock - Learning to fall
Scrucialists - All the way
Scum - Gospels For The Sick
Sensazione - Anche i pesci hanno sete
Sepultura - Live in Sao Paulo
Servant - How to destroy a relationship
Servant - The Servant
Seven Jay / Kiss Me Emily - Split
Sevenlowdown - Room, city, landscape
Seven Mile Journey - The metamorphosis project
Sexypop - Access to the second floor
Sgroove - Abbey Ruzz
Shadow Line - Fast Century
Shandon - Sixtynine
Shank - Sounds of the infected
Shapes and Sizes - Split lips, winning hips, a shiner
Shaw Tommy & Blades Jack - Influence
Shark Island - Gathering Of The Faithful
Shels - Sea of the dying dhow
Shipping News - Flies The Fields
Shirley Temple? - Thisismaybe EP
Shivan - When Wishes Sicken
Shivaree - Who's got trouble?
Shocker - Up your ass tray - The full lenght
Shooting Star - Circles
ShowStripSilence - Monsters and Humans
SHW - Psychoteque
Sick Of It All - Death To Tyrants
Sigur Ros - Takk
Sikitikis - B
Sinclair - Electro Black Sheep
Sine Frontera - Live Tour
Sinew - The Beauty of Contrast
Sintica - Sintica
Sirenia - Nine Destinies And A Downfall
Skaliners - Steal the music
Skavesà - Ten Years of love & hate
Skiantos - Skonnessi - Unplugged 1977-2006
Skid Row - Revolutions per minute
SKW - Alter Ego
Skywise - Cold cold Earth
Slamer - Nowhere Land
Sliding Colours - Sunrise
Slint - Spiderland
Slipknot - 9.0 Live
Slipknot - Voliminal :Inside The Nine (dvd)
Slipknot - Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses
Slugs - Bob Berdella Bizzarre Bordello
Slut - All We Need Is Silence
Small Jackets - Cheap Tequila
Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
Smell Of Trees - The Britney Spears Experience
Sneak - Hypocrisy's Fair
Snipers Alex - Utopia live in turin
SO! - All words and no feelings, make Jack a dull boy
Softone - These days are blue
Soft Pink Truth - Do you want new wave or do you want pink truth?
So:ho - So:ho
Solecismi Pedestri - Non stare a guardare
Solecismi Pedestri Vs Killdaddies - Punk-rock come dio comanda (split)
SoLongCock'sName - Donkey Cock
Son, Ambulance - Key
Songs for Ulan - You must stay out
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse
Sonny Red - Extent of soul
Sospirinaria - s/t
Soto Jeff Scott - Essential Ballads
Soul Doctor - For A Fistful Of Dollars
Soulfly - Dark Ages
Soul Sirkus - World Play
Soulwax - Any Minute Now
Soundtrack of our lives - Origin vol.1
Snipers Alex - Utopia live in turin
Spamabilly Borghetti - We do voodoo beer-bong song's
Spectral - Stormriders
Speedjackers - Secularization
Spera Carlo - Electric sky music
Spera Carlo & Stereonoise - Sto correndo
Spiritual Beggars - Demons
Spleen - Nun Lover
Sportclub - Catchy
Springsteen Bruce - Devils & Dust
Springsteen Bruce - We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
Staind - Chapter V
Stake Off The Witch - Palace Court Flat 19
Standing Still - Draw the line
Starbreaker - Love's a Dying Wish
Stardog - Oltre le nevi di piazza Vetra
Statuto - Come un pugno chiuso
Stella Diana - Supporto Colore
Stellakowalsky - Admiring Venus
Stereo Total - Do The Bambi
Sternberg Gabriel - Endless Night
Stigma - When midnight strikes
Stiliti - A Denti Stretti
Still Remains - Of love and lunacy
Sting - Songs from the labyrinth
Stinking Polecats - Broken
Stockyard Stoics - Same
Stone Sour - Come what (ever) may
Stormbelt - demo
Straight Opposition - Step by Step
Streets - The Hardest way to make an easy living
Strength Approach - Sick hearts die young
Stricklands - Back on track
Stromba - Tales from the sitting room
Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth
Strummer Joe & The Mescaleros - Streetcore
Stuff - Lesson One
Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra - One with everything
Subsonica - Cielo Tangenziale Ovest (DVD)
Subsonica - Terrestre
Subtle - Exiting Arm
Suburban Base - Sublimation
Suburban Base - Suburban Base EP
Subways - Young for eternity
Sudden Death - Unpure Burial
Sud Sound System - Acqua pe sta terra
Sun Eats Hours - Ten Years
Sun Eats Hours Vs Nicotine - Metal Addiction
Suntrack - Deeply inside
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic - The Swindler
Supergrass - Road To Rouen
Supergrass - Supergrass is 10 - The Best of 94-04
Supersystem - Always Never Again
Supersystem - A million microphones
Surf City - Surf City
Surgery - L'altra educazione
Sursumcorda - In volo
Sursumcorda - L'albero dei bradipi
Survivor - Reach
Sweetbacks - The Sweetbacks
Sweetsick - Talkativeness
Sword - Gods of the earth
Sword - Age of winters
Syme - Swing Swing
Synthesis - A wider Space
System Of A Down - Hypnotize
System of a down - Mezmerize
System Of A Down - Steal This Album
Talco - Tutti assolti
Talisman - 7
Tanakh - Ardent Fevers
Tarantula AD - Book of sand
Taras Bul'ba - Secrets Chimiques
Tarick1 - Il dischetto rosso di Tarick1
TBH - L'indescrivibile alle parole
Tea Party - Seven Circles
Tears for Fears - Everybody loves a happy ending
Teenage Bubblegums - Bubblegum Dreams
Temple Rents - Welcome To Felicity
Ten - The Essential Collection 1995-2005
Tender Forever - The soft and the hardcore
Teorema - Forme Naturali
Terra Nova - Escape
Terre Differenti - Cities of Dreams
Terror - Always the hard way
Theatricantor - Vorrei insegnarti amore
Thee Jones Bones - Rock'n'roll is a lifestyle
Thee Stolen Cars - Can't stop thee stolen cars
The For Carnation - Promised Works
The Long Winters - Ultimatum
Them Philosophy - Thought Before Action
There for Tomorrow - A little faster
This Devasted Fan - Victoria's Waiting
This is a Standoff - Be Disappointed
Thousands Millions - Here and back again
Treehorn - Amine
Three in one gentleman suit - Some new strategies
Thrills - Let's bottle bohemia
Throbbing Gristle - Part two the Endless not
Throwdown - Vendetta
Tiromancino - Illusioni Parallele
Tiromancino - L'alba di domani
Tobin Amon - Foley room
Tomviolence - Tomviolence
Tonisterical - The crazy boar
Tony Formichella e Base One - Not Too Long Ago
Toob - How to spell Toob
Tool - 10,000 Days
Tool - Lateralus
Too Loud 4 You (split)
tORQUEMADA - The Killer Ep
Tortoise - A Lazarus Taxon
Tosca - Delhi 9
Toto - Falling In Between
Tramp's White Lion - Rocking In The USA
Transex - Domino
Triobrio Deluxe - "Non bravi, ma belli…"
Trip Fontaine - Lilith
Trivium - Ascendancy
Trivium - The Crusade
Troubled heads - Who the fuck are the Troubled Heads?
Tunas - We cut our fingers in july
Turgon Bruce - Outside Looking In
Turner Joe Lynn - Second Hand Life
Tweaker - 2 am wakeup call
Two of a Kind - s/t
Tying Tiffany - Undercover
Type O Negative - Dead Again
U2 - How to dismantle an atomic bomb
Uglysuit - S/t
Ulan Bator - Rodeo Massacre
Ulan Bator - UlanBaatar
Ultimate Fakebook - Open up and say awesome
Unkle - War Stories
Unavoidable - Wrecked, wasted and still don´t give a fuck!
Unicorns - Unicorns are people too
Unmade Bed - The Narrow Room EP
Unnaddarè - Kalsa
Unnamed - Promo 2003
Unnamed - The Market Of Stupids
Unòrsominòre - Unòrsominòre
Uochi Toki - Libro Audio
Useless ID - The Lost Broken Bones
Uzeda - Stella
Vain - On the Line
Valentina Dorme - Il coraggio dei piuma
Valentine - The most beautiful pain
Vanderlei - 1234
Vanderslice John - Five Years
Vanilla Sky - Play it if you can't say it
Vanilla Sky - Waiting For Something
Vappa - Funk Bazar
Veils - The Runaway Found
Veirs Laura - The triumphs & travails of orphan Mae
Velvet Revolver - Contraband
Velvet Score – Scarecrows
Vendetta Vs Danny Diablo - When worlds collide
Venerea - Non importa se non viene bene
Venerea - One louder
Verdena - Il suicidio dei samurai
Verdena - Requiem
Vertigo - 2
Verve - This is Music
Viboras - Wrong
Vic Du Monte - Vic du Monte's Persona non grata
Viclarsen - Trasporto
Vidharr - Rising from Abyss
Vines - Vision Valley
Vines - Winning Days
Viola Riot - Viola Riot
Violaspinto - Credi ancora nel candore?
Vithra - Ricomincio da tre
VivaVoce - The Centre of the universe
Vivianne Viveur - The art of arranging flowers
Volcano! - Beautiful seizure
Voodoocake - Fetishist
Votiva Lux - Solaris
Waite John - Downtown
Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off
Walsh Steve - Shadowman
Warmsley Jeremy - The art of fiction
Waste Pipes - Let blood boil
Wednesday 13 - Transylvania 90210
Weezer - Make Believe
Weinhold - Below the Line
West John - Long Tie no Sing
Wetton/Downes - Acoustic Tv Broadcast
Wetton John / Geoffrey Downes - Icon
Wetton/Downes - Icon II - Rubicon
When Love Finishes - Destruction Technique of an Established Order
When Mind Reflects - And Don't Care About The Rest
White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
Wicked Wisdom - s/t
Wild Birds & Peacedrums - The Snake
Wild Week-end - Orrendo Rock
Williams Robbie - Intensive Care
Wilson Brian - Smile
Windsor For The Derby - Minnie Greutzfeldt
Winger - IV
Wings of Reality - Surrounded by Darkness
Wipers - Is this real?
Wire - read & burn 03
Wire - Send
Wire - The Scottish Play: 2004
Witmer Denison - The River Bends ...And Flows Into The Sea
Woodworth Andrew Paul - Eddy Ate Dynamite
Wot - Wot Ep
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles
Xiu Xiu - Life and live
X-State Ride - Against Me
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to tell
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals
Yellowcard - Lights and sounds
Yorke Thom - The Eraser
Young silencers - Limbs
Your Hero - Chronicles of a real world
You Should Play in A Band - S/t
Yo Yo Mundi - La banda Tom e altre storie partigiane
Yo Yo Mundi - L'ultimo testimone
Yugo In Incognito - C'hai Nis Democracy?
Yuppie Flu - Days before the day
Zebrahead - Broadcast to the world
Zen Circus - Vita e opinioni di Nello Scarpellini, Gentiluomo
Zerovolume - Squilibri
Zerouno - Zerouno.2
Zethone - Cose dell’altro mondo
Zu - The way of the animal powers
Zutons - Who Killed the Zutons

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